Grow Your Medical Practice, and Get Your Life Back

Put Powerful Legal Protections in Place Before You Get Sued

Don’t assume a possible lawsuit will settle within the limits of your malpractice insurance. Put in place legal protections to repel any potential lawsuits. What can you do to protect yourself, your practice, and your family from the legal risks you must take in your practice? Lawsuits are normally filed against both the doctor and […]

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Protect Your Assets–Know Your Risks

What steps are you taking to protect the assets of your medical practice against law suits? First, recognize your risks. According to a 2010 AMA report, more than 61 percent of doctors older than fifty-five have been sued at least once. Let’s face it: the odds are not in your favor. Here you are, working […]

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10 Tips to Leverage Business Coaching to Grow Your Medical Practice

A Business Coach is an experienced entrepreneur who’s been where you want to go and experienced what you want to experience who can give you the outside perspective and counsel to build a more successful business—without having to go through all the painful trial and error yourself!

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