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ERP-LMS: A New Concept

We have heard a lot of Learning Management Systems (LMS) lately. They are in fashion. Every other organization wants to create one. These LMS are of variable value in providing online education, whether via Massive Open Online Courses or via closed systems.

However, they still suffer from a couple of limitations. One difficulty is their inability to measure the changes that are induced in behavior. The second problem is the difficulty in tracking the learning that has happened. And, finally, the return on investment (ROI) that is of paramount importance to evaluate the value of the LMS.

The solution may be to have both on the same platform, totally integrated with each other. Any error made can have an immediate feedback from the system, directing the user to appropriate educational modules. For example, if a provider does not diagnose Diabetes Mellitus (DM) directly when entering information directly into electronic medical records, the LMS should be able to present him with the right learning module which makes him realize the proper criteria to diagnose DM. Once this has happened, the system with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) could monitor how the behavior of the provider has changed and measure it.

Similar feedback loops could be used in marketing strategies and Patient Medical Records (PMR). This would make the teaching customized, individualized and personalized. This would also make learning immediate, direct, continuous, deep, measured and tailored to the needs of the organization.

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